Obtaining the best from an investment in modern fighting and support vehicles requires highly motivated and thoroughly trained personnel. The Alvis Vickers Limited (AVL) training team offers a unique combination of crew, operational and technical training expertise, which has been developed from the many training programmes delivered to armies in the UK and overseas.
Alvis Vickers is able to undertake Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to determine the optimum training requirements and to identify the best value-for-money training aids. Modular courses cover all aspects of armoured vehicle operational and technical functions. These are:

  • Crew training
    ���Driver and maintenance
    ���Turret and gunnery
    ���Special to role

  • Technical training
    ���Vehicle mechanic
    ���Vehicle electrician
    ���Turret and electro-optics technician
    ���Gun mechanic

    Training courses can be designed in accordance with the British army�s Systems Approach to Training (SAT) or to the customer�s specified requirements. Such courses can cover:

  • Familiarisation or conversion training
  • Full subject matter training
  • Practical and On-Job-Training (OTJ)
  • Instructional training
  • Support to the customer�s instructors

    In support of all the many training courses, Alvis Vickers is able to identify, supply and train on the full range of Synthetic Training Equipments (STE) such as:

  • Computer Aided Instruction (CAI)
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
  • Desk Top Trainers (DTT)
  • Part Task Trainers (PTT)
  • Appended Trainers (AT)
  • Turret Gunnery Trainers (TGT) with/without motion
  • Driver trainers with/without motion

    Alvis Vickers can therefore offer a total training programme to our customers that will meet all their requirements and expectations in the use and maintenance of their fighting vehicles and associated equipments.