Contractor Support

What every commander wants from his fighting vehicles is capability – and that means not just performance, but high and sustained reliability and availability. Thanks to our experience servicing the needs of armies throughout the world, Alvis Vickers Limited (AVL) is uniquely able to combine all the services outlined, to offer an integrated support service designed to deliver guaranteed vehicle availability.

Users can take advantage of:
  • Integrated Training Solutions

  • All training and vehicle support managed by AVL specialists.

  • Contractor Maintenance Support

  • Freeing soldiers from non-essential maintenance work by using AVL specialists to carry out second line and depot maintenance and to maintain your training fleets.

  • Contractor Logistic Support

  • Reduce stockholding and costs by letting AVL provide and deliver your spares and manage your repair and overhaul, using your criteria for availability.

  • Fleet Management and Configuration Control

  • AVL specialists can work with your planners to ensure that your vehicles are in the right place and configuration to meet your operational and training needs.

  • Overhaul, Modifications and Technology Insertion

  • Use AVLs’ systems integration expertise to bring your fleet in line with the demands of today’s battlefield and keep it there.

    For maximum operational capability at the lowest cost, AVL offers a comprehensive support service with guarantees that agreed availability levels will be met or exceeded. Once your requirements have been established, you may confidently transfer the task of maintaining your vehicles to AVL. We will also supply the spares and components needed for the service, repair and overhaul of your fleet. Flexible contract arrangements allow either a fixed fee, based on minimum vehicle availability, or an hourly rate, according to your needs.