Customer Services

Alvis Vickers Limited (AVL) has the knowledge, resources and flexibility to provide world class customer support. Customer support personnel have a unique level of expertise on Alvis Vickers, gained through many years of service with the company and the British armed forces.

Alvis Vickers can provide you with detailed technical assistance, answer your questions and swiftly resolve your problems, relating to maintenance, spares, warranty and technical documentation.

Customer Helpline

A qualified Alvis Vickers customer support resource provides a single point of contact to ensure a rapid response to requests for information and assistance.
The Alvis Vickers Customer Support Team offers telephone, fax and e-mail access to engineers for problem resolution, documentation clarification and technical guidance 24 hour x 365 days per year. Telephone services can be provided for customers if required. Messages received out of office hours are logged and acknowledged within 48 hours, although the final response to the customer is dependant on the complexity of the request and the industry supply chain.

Incident Investigation and Warranty Service

A full incident investigation and warranty service is also provided.

Service Engineering

Alvis Vickers recognises the ever-changing skill-mix needed to comprehend, operate and maintain modern systems and the increasing demands this makes on human resources. Alvis Vickers service engineers are experts in the complex interaction between the user and their equipment and visit customers on a regular basis to discuss any problems with equipment. Service engineers can also provide local on the job training and operating instruction when required.

Vehicle Commissioning

Alvis Vickers service engineers also provide a full commissioning service for new vehicle deliveries.