Asset Management

Alvis Vickers Limited in partnership with the British Army has developed a programme, based on its vast experience as Design Authority and prime contractor for Challenger 2, for the implementation of vehicle asset management for the Challenger 2 main battle tank. This is the process of managing a fleet of equipment, through ’global visibility’, in the most effective and economic way in order to meet essential operational, training and support requirements.

Asset management requires the effective cohesion and management of a range of separate but closely related support activities. Alvis Vickers’ existing partnership with the British Army, on contracts in a number of support areas, enables it to deliver these essential links that achieve successful asset management.

’Global visibility’ means that Alvis Vickers knows the status and condition of all Challenger 2 main battle tanks in the fleet, along with their supporting material, at any given point in time and uses this information to achieve fully effective management control. Advanced MISs secure this visibility and provide the IT functionality to facilitate this process.

Alvis Vickers Limited has signed a unique agreement, in partnership with the British Army, entitled project CRISP (Challenger Innovative Spares Procurement). Already well advanced, CRISP provides the field army with a direct supply of consumable spares, utilising the services of a major specialised distribution house, as part of the asset management process. It also includes the provision, procurement, storage, and distribution of all non-repairable parts. The CRISP programme reduces order lead times and current stock holding for the British Army and improve spares availability.

Alvis Vickers’ role as prime contractor is key in the management of the technology insertion programmes for Challenger 2. It ensures that the Design Authority’s knowledge is available to plan and manage this programme. It enables Alvis Vickers to take the lead in systems integration and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) analysis of new design concepts. This ensures full control, both of the tank design interface implications and the ’ripple’ effect throughout the logistic support process.

Alvis Vickers is already working on DFWES, FLASHPROM and CHARM 3 integration programmes.

Overhaul and rework, within the technical enhancement programme of Challenger 2, will be heightened by the application of Alvis Vickers’ experience, which brings with it the benefits of ’from birth’ vehicle data, Design Authority advice, plus full access to the relationship with Alvis Vickers’ suppliers. Its experienced engineers deliver field support and practical assistance to the regiments, promoting the two-way flow of data and understanding.

Training establishments can be provided with support packages tailored to suit the specific needs of establishments such as BATUS. Alvis Vickers, through global visibility, can enhance Post Design Services (PDS) by providing unique design support as required.

Successful asset management requires strong central cohesion and co-ordination. Alvis Vickers, as prime contractor, can offer full responsibility for the implementation of the package as a whole, to enhance the inter-operation and interface between its different elements.

Alvis Vickers’ asset management for Challenger 2 can deliver: