Alvis Vickers Limited (AVL) is a major European supplier of a wide range of armoured security and fighting vehicles using both wheeled and tracked chassis. Due to the breadth of products within the company and the constant demand from our customers for improved performance the engineering team is committed to developing key technologies in the following areas:

  • Systems Engineering

    Improving the engineering processes to reduce the time to design and develop new systems and applying them to existing or new products. AVL aims to maximise various options before selecting the most effective for implementation.

    System Integration



  • Systems Integration

    The increasing complexity of vehicle subsystems necessitates the management of complete systems integration. AVL equips all current and future projects with the latest weapon systems and man/machine interfaces, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the soldiers by making their tasks easier to accomplish.

  • Survivability

    Covering both the development of armour systems and associated technologies to defeat modern battlefield threats and the adoption of signature management techniques to avoid detection.

  • Mobility

    Including studies of vehicle dynamic behaviour in addition to investigating new concepts such as flexible track and hybrid electric drives.

  • Battlefield Management Systems

    The Alvis Vickers Battlefield Management System (AVBMS) integrates digitisation into the weapon system of a complex fighting platform. This provides the vehicle commander with Total Mission Awareness of current operations, including :

    • Friendly/Enemy Location
    • Platform/Unit Status
    • Operational Overlays
    • Horizontal and Vertical Information Exchange
    In many of these areas we maintain a close partnership with our sister companies, Alvis H�gglunds (Sweden) and Alvis Moelv (Norway), ensuring that developments in all companies are available to the whole of the Alvis Group.

    In the UK, AVL maintains close working relationships with both DSTL and QinetiQ for technology development, particularly in the areas of armour and systems integration.